About: Timothy Haystubble

Before we start to explore this Web Site, I must introduce myself; explain where I live as well as how I got my name.

You no doubt know that “timothy grass” is perhaps one of the most common of the feed crops grown for livestock by some of the least prosperous farmers. This crop grows naturally and usually in association with the many common weeds of that area.

The “hay stubble” is that part of the plant left in the field after the crop has been taken off. Although it appears useless, and is usually plowed under, it does form the beginning of next year’s crop of hay.

“The Back Forty” derives from that small and insignificant tract of land away at the back of the farm. This bit of land is usually considered of little importance and often gets neglected. Because of neglect, nature takes over and forms a natural habitat for all sorts of “weeds”, wild shrubs, songbirds, insects, squirrels, chipmunks, groundhogs, etc.

Here, close to and surrounded by Nature, one can experience a sort of peace and tranquility, not found in the hustle and bustle, in the stress and clatter of “civilization”.

Putting this all together, we arrive at “Timothy Haystubble, from the Back Forty”. Sometimes, some folks refer to me as “Uncle Timothy”. Either way I do not mind, just so long as I am understood, even if it does take awhile.