“International Anthem”

(A paraphrase on a poem by the late Wilson MacDonald)

“Join hands, ye nations…”

All people who on earth do dwell.

“this is the last call:”

Join hands, reach out across

those boundaries of

Distrust, Prejudice, Race and Creed,

Until those dividing lines

Grow dim and vanish

In the mists of time.

“Join hands, or the play ends,”

Join hands, lest the play –

The drama of humankind to humankind

As well as humankind to naturekind shall end

“And the curtains fall.”

“Gun and bomb and sword

Have had their day:”

Guns, bombs, intrigue, false hopes,

Free enterprise, and Party politics,

Pawns of Business and Banking

Have all had their say.

“Now for the living Word

And the King’s way.”

Now is the time for the better way

Where all could live together

In a cooperative, caring, sharing,

Brotherhood sort of way,

Where aggression and greed

Can find no place to stay.

“Let Peace be the bridegroom;

If he is denied

Death will take his place,

And Earth will be the bride

“It is yours to say.

This is the last call:

Join hands, or the play ends,

And the curtains fall”.

Yes, it is ours to say.

This will be our last chance.

Let us all join hands In a friendly fashion

Before the play ends

And the last curtain falls.

(With sincere apologies to

The late Canadian poet Wilson MacDonald.)

Timothy Haystubble (Grass Roots Philosopher)

World cultural life is in the process of evolving from the dictatorships of competition to the freedom of co-operation; from the monetary shackles of cash and credit to the freedom of the Share Card; from party politics and nationalism to ‘sharing and caring’- sharing of Life’s resources among all of Life’s Creations, each according to need; from sham democracy to Vi-Tocracy, which is a government of the people and for the people as well as for all of the elements

of Living Nature.

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