World Trade?

My view from here shows me that this phrase, “world trade” would become “world sharing” when we have established a united and sharing world economic order. It shows me that the all new “Global Share Card” would completely replace the now insecure and trouble-making world economic system, (the money-price-system) including their various kinds of dollars & cents. By throwing out this old system ,we can start anew, in these young years of the 21st century, with all of our industries producing and distributing from the source of raw materials directly to the consumer without the systematic, restrictive controls now imposed by the rule of business sanctioned by ‘Party Politics’. Everything humanity has long wanted and vainly striven for would gradually fall into place.

That which we now refer to as “human nature” would, in this new environment be replaced by a renewed behavior pattern, which would become our real “human nature”. Today the real “human nature” is very much obscured by “human behavior” induced by the violence and negativity in our neighborhoods and around the world, which all results from the controls forced on society by our political, economic system.

In this millennium I see this new social concept materializing as a major factor in the evolution of the industrial, scientific age. However for this evolutionary cycle to continue, these socially enlightened people of action from around the world, must be made aware of the reality of this global situation as well as a clear view of the alternative. This is the way which I have outlined in these numerous ‘news and views’ posted from “Greenwood Cottage” and mapped out in my book, “The Other Way”, by, –

Timothy Haystubble. Grass Roots Philosopher

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