Corporate Power

Civilization’s Public Enemy number One

Hello folks :

Before I present my philosophical comments, I wish to compliment the television station, “TVO” on the airing of the series “The Corporation, the Pathology of Commerce”, as well as the recent presentation “Human Edge –Surplus”.

The authoritative, ideas and data presented are what the whole of the civilized world has long needed to hear. Basically, compliments are due to the authors of the original documents, as well as those individuals involved in the programs’ development and presentations.

The thoughts and the views expressed in the above mentioned document could very well form an introduction to my recent book, which I have titled “The Other Way–“. My thoughts expressed in this book, as well as, “Views from the Back Forty” by the ‘Grass Roots Philosopher’, will together, attempt to answer the questions provoked by this outstanding TVO. Documentary.

I heartily agree that mankind does indeed have many problems which must be solved, before they have gone so far that we upset the balance in the evolution of Life on Earth. I also believe that it is impossible to ever solve these problems using the concept of a ‘free enterprise economy’, pared with the concept of money, currency, cash, or credit as a medium of exchange for the distribution of goods or services.

As a result of some four score and ten years of living in this economy; the perusing of the daily press as well as several socially alert magazines which come to my desk each month; and by associating with the many aspects of nature – Life – I have come to the conclusion that millennia ago the human family inadvertently took the wrong road on which to run the human race.

Did I say many problems? Actually I see basically only one problem. This is the problem of distribution from the producers of the world’s products and services to the consumers, in any and all of the markets of the world. Along with the distribution of products and services we also have the various political factors controlling the distribution (local, national, international). This political factor might be said to be twinned to the distribution system and as such, would need to be revised in order to conform.

Corporations and the power they wield, amply fueled (financed) by our outdated method of product distribution, (The money-price system) have been declared civilization’s enemies number one and two. Since, each of these are concepts created by and composed exclusively of members of the human race, it follows that we ourselves are responsible for their behavior, and therefore these concepts can be altered or discarded as is seen necessary. However, Industries, Businesses and Corporations are each made up of individual persons of both genders. Their security and their livelihood as individuals depend on their loyalty to these governing bodies, which hold the key to the individual’s private locker. Their production is governed by that mystical mantra ‘Gross domestic product yielding the firmest and blackest of bottom lines’. Obviously this makes it very difficult, virtually impossible, for anyone to refrain from attempting to display any originality in thought and action that would seem to deviate from ‘company policy’-(Corporation’s dictates.)

Never the less, it is necessary for some one who is willing, to risk the security of his or her own livelihood for the sake of the larger group of society of which he or she is a part. This is how reforms are brought into being. This is how ‘Global Change’ for the better, must happen. This is “The Other Way”– Humanity and Nature traveling together, “Caring and Sharing Co-operatively with each other!”

Timothy Haystubble (Grass Roots Philosopher)

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