Global Share Card

This would be an Id-card made of some light-weight, durable, material and somewhat similar to our commonly used Visa or Bank Card and of convenient size to be carried on ones person at all times. This device would serve as ones identification card (ID) as well as the consumer’s, one and only purchasing, transaction medium, replacing any and all kinds of “Money”.

This device would be designed to efficiently, electronically control the production and the distribution of any thing, large or small, as well as any service which may be required by the individual in possession of this card. In other words, this “Share Card” device would replace all ‘currency’, money or credit of all kinds, as well as the need for the ‘Business concept’, along with its co-partner ‘Party Politics’, which now control most of our individual and social activities. Each person of any nationality, race, colour, religious belief, or gender would then have an equal opportunity to partake of the forces and the products, of Nature, which are available for use on the planet Earth. This “Share Card” would also identify the holder as a member of the “Human Race”.

For the purpose of discussion a few definitions are in order:

“Industry” is assumed to be the producer of those things, articles and services which are produced or fabricated from the natural resources and energy of the planet, for the direct or indirect uses of humanity.

“Business” is the organized activity designed to control the production and the distribution of those things and services produced by “Industry”.

“Money”, in any of its current forms, is – well I expect everyone knows what money is all about. For the purpose of this discussion money could be said to have a dual personality and at the same time very addictive. On the one hand it has been used for great good to many and on the other hand it has also been a curse, producing crime and destruction to all of our civilization. In either guise money represents a request for something. If one can produce the necessary number of pieces, then a legal exchange can be made. However in all too many cases, in our world today, the exchange between the seller and the buyer cannot legally be made. This leaves the unfortunate person or group of persons homeless, hungry, cold and in ill health, all because of the lack of sufficient ‘Money’ to exchange for these bare necessities of life.

This is how my proposed “Global Share Card” could operate:

Let us assume that “INDUSTRY” has produced a finished article or articles which are bar-coded ready for distribution. These items are suitably displayed along with a clear and understandable description of their uses, etc, for potential customers in an outlet store or distribution depot. The purchaser, having satisfied himself or herself that this item will meet his or her need hands the “Share-Card” to the clerk at the check-out desk who passes it through a scanning process and hands it back to the waiting purchaser. The purchaser then passes the card through another gizmo in a similar manner as is done in today’s shopping malls. This completes the transaction and everyone is happy. The purchaser walks away with an article, which he is assured of as being completely satisfactory. However if the thing is too large to carry away, delivery service can be arranged and negotiated in a similar manner.

Instantaneously the producing Industry receives an electronic notice, from its outlet depot, that replicate copies of this purchase are to be made to replace the one just dispensed. This information is sent throughout the producing factory and through all of its subsidiaries to the source or sources of the basic raw materials. In this way the consumer has given approval to the manufacturer to continue production.

This idea works on the assumption that a communications net-work among all of these industries already exists. In this way a balance could always be maintained between production and distribution. At the same time an accurate record could be kept of the uses of all of our basic, natural materials including the required converted energy. Having done this, the conservation of our Natural resources could be continually monitored with pollution of our environment more easily managed and kept under control.

Along with this registration of the “Share Card” would be the obligation of the holder to contribute his or her unique talents and skills to Industry, when and where required. Physical illness or handicap of the recipient could be administered to using the same “Share Card” at the local Health Science Center clinic. Here the patient would receive the best service that the world’s Health Science would have available. This it seems would be the proper way to insure a congenial work force of all trades in all phases of Industry.

It must now become apparent that the foregoing would be a most natural as well as a very logical way in which a truly “Just Society”, could be constructed to function for the benefit of all of Humanity, while at the same time encouraging a compatible and harmonious existence with our Natural environment.

Timothy Haystubble (Grass Roots Philosopher)

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