Grass Roots Definitions


Generally speaking an “Industry” is defined as an organization of three (3) or more individuals co-operatively exercising their skills and craftsmanship under the supervision of one or more “Technicians” and /or “Engineers” as required, in order to produce and distribute articles or services crafted from Nature’s limited supply of (natural) raw materials to a “Consumer”, on the request of that customer- (made order) ‘Goods and Services’.

Industrial waste and resource conservation would be the responsibility of each industrial unit.

“Engineers / Technicians”

These may be individuals of either sex, who have been educated and trained to become qualified to plan and supervise the operations required for the production of the articles or services produced by “Industry”.

“Machine Maintenance”

These are persons of either sex, who possess the knowledge and skills to service and to otherwise keep the various machines on the production lines in proper working order.

“Plant Maintenance”

The persons in this category would be responsible for the general maintenance of the building or buildings, containing the “Industry” as well as for the repair and installation of any new equipment, when required. The general heating/cooling and lighting of the plant would also be their responsibilities.

“Receiving and Shipping”

These functions would share the joint responsibility for the total functioning of the plant. “Receiving” would be responsible for all of the orders sent in from the various “outlet centers”. The “Shipping” would be accountable for distribution of the filled orders to be sent to the “outlet”, or in certain exceptional cases, direct to the customer.


The “customer” is any one on the planet, who is registered and is in possession of His/Her own “Global Share Card”, and so uses it in the proper manner, as a request for any of the required, available articles or services.


Advertising, Sales, Finance

“Party Politics”

These institutions, at present, control our “Industries” as well as the lives of all Life (flora as well as fauna) known as Nature. When “Industry” controlled by the “Global Share Card System”, should come into effect, these three corporate giants, business, finance and party politics, must step aside and be absorbed into an authentic “democracy”, howbeit by another name, using their expertise where and when required.


This division of the economy would be made up of qualified individuals of either sex dedicated to the wellbeing, conservation and development the planet, in parts as well as a totality.


(A New Politics for a New Social Era)

This revamped political system would be composed of Scientists, Technicians and Engineers, each supported by competent secretarial staffs. These individuals would be select elected on the basis of education and merit, with no thought given to colour of skin, religious belief or national origin. A World or Global Government would basically consist of representatives from the various sections of this “New World Economic Order” having a chair-person, in some respects comparable to a Prime Minister or President, chosen every four years from within this governing council. I suggest that over this “Global Government”, and subservient to it would be an over-riding “Global Charter”, or a constitution, similar in nature to the now universally acclaimed and widely endorsed “Earth Charter”. This “Global Charter”, as well as setting forth a similar set of comprehensive ethical rules, spelled out in lay language, would define the political organization and the operating rules for the new “Vi-Tocracy”.

This day will come, when uninhibited “Industry” controlled by each person’s Global Share Card, which freely expresses that person’s individual will, and thereby act as the governing power for a peace-loving, co-operative, sharing world.

How and when can this happen?

When will all of those good-will, peace-loving, socially agressive organizations, including the endorsers of “the Earth Charter Initiative”, forget their religious, racial and cultural differences and walk together as one corporate body of concerned human beings to an “International Referendum”, held in strategic locations among the nations of the world to advocate this comprehensive, radical change in the organization of human society?

Only when this happens, then will Humanity be able to realize its fondest dreams. Beleaguered Nature would then be able to heal herself and again maintain the balance of life in the universe.

This is our uninhibited view from “Greenwood Cottage”, here on “the Back Forty”.

Timothy Haystubble Grass Roots Philosopher

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