Have You Endorsed The “Earth Charter”?

We here on the “Back Forty”, wish to go on record and give our endorsed approval of this new “Earth Charter”, as far as it goes. This represents a good start in the right direction to an improvement in our Society. This version enumerates the ethics as well as the operating principles for a renewed society with two exceptions, namely: I have noted that the “Charter” expects that “Business” is expected to carry on as a free enterprise institution, as usual, competing among themselves for supremacy, using the sacrosanct “Money Price System” as the accepted means for distribution of all of these things which the human race deems of importance for the maintenance and preservation of the earth along with its inhabitance of many diverse species. It requires but a little thought to realize that in order for the ethics of business to change so as to accomplish the objectives of this “Earth Charter”, the idea of “Money” along with the idea of “Political Government” and Politicians must undergo a similar change.

For this reason, we here on the “Back Forty” suggest the use of “The Global Share Card” system, along with a system where “INDUSTRY”, controlled by the people, becomes the ‘Voice of the people’ and therefore the governing body of the people as well as the rest of Nature’s inhabitants.

“Global Warming”, emphasized by climate change is Nature’s way of trying to tell us that humanity must very quickly learn the way of co-operation; the way of “Caring and Sharing”, which is the way of “Brotherly Love”, the “Share Card Way”.

Timothy Haystubble – Grass Roots Philosopher

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