In God ($) We Trust

January 1st, 2001

Some friendly advice (suggestions)From the ‘Back Forty’ To all of our neighbours to the south as well as in other countries who desire world peace and freedom, we on the “Back Forty”, send greetings along with a bit or two of advice (suggestions).

“Read my book”. It is our view from here that you who assume leadership of your great countries, which you all proudly call the Dominion of Canada, the United States of America, as well as those leaders of the rest of the world, have many important lessons yet to learn. I believe these lessons need to be well learned before you could be qualified to, teach (dictate to) others. You have many well qualified Scientists, Engineers, and Technicians, who with the help of the many millions of fellow human beings, of every nationality, of every walk in life, colour, male and female, even our neighbours from the ‘Back Forty’, have built many large and many small industrial complexes. Hand in hand with and controlled by “Businesses”, these Industrial Complexes are reaching out into what is known as the third world, and beyond. Taken together, these Industries are more than capable of producing goods and services in sufficient quantities of everything necessary to adequately satisfy the health and living needs of each of the six billion human ibodies and souls on our planet–with a surplus left over. To do this the various forms of the world’s Natural Resources, including Energy Resources from the rain forests; from the mountains; from the mines; from the seas; from the farm-lands; from the lakes and the rivers are all required in varying amounts. It is too often forgotten that these resources belong to every man, women and child on earth, regardless of nationality, colour or culture, in proportion to their requirements.

We each require the use of Nature’s stores of energy in the forms Oil Natural Gas, Coal, Running Water or Moving Air, whether it is under the sands of the Arabian Desert, the sands of Texas, the bowels of the earth or the ice and snows of Alaska. We, the people of Earth, require these products to be used in creative and judicious ways to keep us alive and well.

“Read my book”:

There is another way!

Has anyone ever figured out what it has cost the world in Natural resources and Human Lives to have produced your huge armies of sophisticated war machines, for sea, land and air? Has anyone ever estimated the amount of fuel of various kinds, required to maintain these ships, land vehicles and airplanes, to maintain your place of supremacy among the nations?

Has anyone ever figured the cost of human lives lost or perverted in the conversion of hundreds of thousands of healthy men and women carefully trained and taught to kill or maim millions of other men, women and children?

In this modern, competitive, capitalistic society, we are all familiar with the fact that ‘Money’, whether the American Dollar, the Canadian Looney or whatever, is required in varying amounts to exchange for each and every one of these items of goods and services which our industries are willing and able to produce.

Finally, this idea of Money is as old as civilization; and is now quite out of place as a device for which it was intended, to be used for the distribution of the goods and services, from producer to person, as well as person to person.

There must be a better way!

Read my book and you will discover “The Other Way”, a co-operative way of living and the distribution of goods and services of whatever nature, whenever and wherever required without the use of money or the now very familiar Visa, or other credit card. Learn how the poor, the homeless and the starving need not always be with us. Learn how the ‘Third World’ and the ‘Developed World’ can become ‘One World’. Learn how Nations can live alongside Nations without fear of aggression. Learn how neighbour can live alongside neighbour in a sharing, caring relationship. Learn how ‘Doves’ can once again fly in peace and harmony with the rest of Nature; and hawks will return to the natural wilds where they will find their proper place in the eternal scheme of things.

The cash register, the slide rule and the adding machine have now given place to the computer; and our lives are being motivated by the ‘Internet’, ‘On-line Commerce and Banking’, ‘Credit Cards’, Visas and Bank Cards. Tomorrow all of these can become obsolete, with a new kind of “Internet”. A new all-purpose credit-debit card designed to replace every form of money for every sort of transaction between person and “Industry”, “Industry” and “Industry”, as well as between “Industry” and the Sources of energy and raw materials. Tomorrow, these pieces of paper, these bits of metal, these mortgage and loan certificates could all be scrapped and recycled for utilitarian uses as scrap metal and recyclable paper products.

Open the hearts and the minds of your business executives, the political leaders, the stock-brokers, the Prime Ministers, the Presidents of the ‘developed countries’ as well as all heads of state, everywhere. Advise them to

“Read my book!”

The great concern today is the scourge of ‘terrorists’, those mysterious People killers who seem to have very little regard for either human life or property (including their own). It seems to me here on my ‘Back Forty’, in spite of appearances to the contrary, these terrorists as well, have their roots deep in the ‘foul soil’ of ‘degenerate capitalism’. It should be known that competition, which is the underlying philosophy of capitalism, can eventually lead to quarrels between individuals, between groups of individuals and finally – Wars!

I wonder if the President of our self-confident and over-aggressive neighbour to the south decided to take the bold step to devaluate their money, the US $ to zero, and henceforth adopt my proposed “Other Way” system of trading (sharing) among themselves and their neighbors, what would happen to these neighboring countries? In self-defense, would these neighbours – the rest of the world – quickly ask to be included in this fantastic, new scheme for production and distribution – this “Share-Card” principle ?

The Business Philosophy, which now supports the Money Price System, would naturally give place to a care and share philosophy in whose language ‘Profit’ takes on a different meaning. Without the incentive for wars of any nature, the march of the War Mongers everywhere would probably be brought to an abrupt halt. Thousands of war-planes would be grounded at the nearest airport, while all land based, motorized fighting machines would cease operations along with all submarines and other vessels of war, in all the waters of the world. All of this war equipment would be decommissioned and scheduled for the scrap heap– not land fill. The military personnel of whatever rank would become responsible for the location and destruction of any and all land and sea mines of whatever nature, wherever located. All of the above would be deemed necessary in order to make the world safe for mankind to live compatibly with each other as well as with the rest of the natural living beings.

In deed, there is much work of a constructive nature, when properly organized, here on our beleaguered planet, which would provide employment for every able man and woman, for the rest of this millennium and beyond.

In this respect, this little book:

“The Other Way….”

I believe, holds the secret to world peace.

Now is the time to start building

for ourselves, as well as for all others

a ‘Compatible Society’.

This society would comprise all Cultures, all Nations, all Colors, all Creeds, and all Lands with their many natural resources.

All Persons, Male and Female, Young and Old, could each find a place to play out his or her unique roll.

Read more about ‘the Why’ and ‘the How-to’ in this

thought-provoking little book:

“The Other Way

To Socio-Economic Survival


Man and The Environment”

(An anodyne for today’s ills)”


Ken Muma (alias – Timothy Haystubble)

651 Baseline Road E. London, On N6C 2R2

The Other Way

January 1st, 2001

To the natural solitude of my “Back Forty” is where I frequently find my way in order to relax and meditate before going about my daily chores. Here I seem to be far removed from the confusing sounds of the workaday world of Industry, Business, Politics, Finance and Commerce. It is here that I can get a perspective on these things, especially Business and Finance. I am surrounded by Nature’s resources in the forms of Energy and many diversified living beings. Fresh air as gentle breezes, play in the trees and ripple across the stubble of the grasses in my hayfield. Little song birds chirp and sing as they go about their business of gathering berries and insects from the bushes. Wild flowers, called weeds bloom around me. A fussy little chipmunk scampers up a nearby tree, with a nut in its mouth, chattering all the while and then is hidden from my view.

This is where Nature reigns as true “Free Enterprise”, unhampered by any apparent control by “Business”. (I contend that “Business” has no business interfering with Nature anywhere at any time, for any reason!)

This is where I often come to get new inspiration and a new vision of this world of reality. Here my vision clears and I clearly perceive our many Global Problems as one fundamental problem.

It was here that the “Still, Small, Voice” advised me that mankind should seek as soon as possible to learn how to travel “The Other Way”.

This other way is the way of “Technology and Industry” controlled by People for their individual and collective global Good and Welfare.

The way we are traveling, is the way to Global chaos, disintegration and eventually ruin. This present way is the rough and rocky road now being traveled by “Industry”, which is “Whip and Spur” controlled by its twin jockeys – “Business plus Finance”. They seem to be racing “hell-bent” for the corner Bank and/or the Stock Market. May the fastest and most successful man/business win! Those others, the many losers, apparently do not seem to matter in this race and are soon all but forgotten.

With apologies to the many who believe in the glories of “Capitalism and Industry”, be it known these two institutions should not be assumed to be teamed together as many claim they should be. As seen from “The Back Forty”, the reality is this: Capitalism and Business, are now twinned to control “Industry” in all of its phases, in order to limit both Production and Distribution, in such a way as to yield the greatest profit for these joint-owners, “Business and Capitalism”

From the time that Neanderthal man ran out of the Garden of Eden, (I believe that they, Adam and Eve chose the wrong route). They have, I believe unwittingly, been following the ‘way of competition to personal achievement and glorification’. This is the way of man against Man and man, against Nature, rather than the way of co-operation, which is mutual help and sharing in meeting the challenges of the natural world. It is a fundamental law of life, where two or three or even more gather together, God, the generator of life and growth, renders unto them strength and direction. The Adams and the Eves have now reached the end of their rocky road with only the view of confused destruction–lost in the fog ahead. With this view in mind this little book was conceived for the multitudes to read and comprehend in order that all of mankind together, can find its sure way back to that long lost civilization, before it is too late.

To obtain a coveted copy of this book, contact the author, Ken Muma by e-mail at or by regular post at: 651,
Base Line Road, London, On, N6C 2R2.

Timothy Haystubble (Grass Roots Philosopher)

Seeds Of Wisdom From The Back Forty

January 1st, 2001

Think on these things:

When all seems dark without,

we should turn within to seek

“The Inner Light”

When the whole world seems to be filled with

Hate, Distrust, Noise, Confusion and Violence we would do well to turn within and seek some “Inner Light”. Seek out a quiet place, out of reach of TV, Radio and the Internet. Here in the ensuing quiet listen for

that “Still Small Voice”.

There is much to hear when it is quiet and many things to see, even in the darkness. These are things given our Spiritual Senses alone to perceive and understand.

Without are Physical Forces, waiting for our use or misuse-

For our challenge!

Within there are Spiritual Forces waiting and anxious to direct our actions and to give us the power and courage to carry on.

Without there is Realism, the things and circumstances as they are, the world we have made.

Within is the universe’s Divine Pattern, the world that could!

Within each of us is that spark of Evolution,

the germ of Invention, The Embryo of Creation.

Without is the Manifestation of its fulfillment.

Creation is the employment of that Spiritual Force acting in co-operation with Material Substance – a combination of an Idea and its Realization!


On a clear night, as one fixes ones attention, concentrating on any one star of any magnitude, all other stars seem to retire into the night sky and become of secondary importance. They seem to radiate about that one star, which becomes the common center. It seems as one gazes fixedly, as though that star were the center of the whole universe with all the other stars revolving around it.

So it is, using this analogy concerning each Individual Person, if one fixes ones attention and concentrates on oneself, one tends to take on a similar relationship. Egotism, an overdeveloped sense of “self- importance” develops in ones mind which makes one seem to stand out from all others. Around this “I” entity, the whole of society, even civilization, seems to center and revolve.

When one focuses on that one ‘Star”, “I”, causing it to seemingly shine above all others. In this way, one then becomes a “Star-gazer”.

This same analogy may be applied to the Larger Society of which we are all living parts. Each social unit, whether religious or secular; whether family, village, town, city, province, country or biological species of nature, tends to develop a similar complex. In every category except the last one, this is referred to as “Patriotism”. This feeling runs all the way from love of “self” to the love of our country (Nationalism) and the “Human Race” This feeling is natural and good when experienced in moderation.

However this feeling of Belonging requires modification in order to facilitate Unity and Co-operation– person to family, person to social group, civic relationship, person to nation, person to civilization, and to the whole of Life.

Today, when our world is becoming more and more like a “Global Village” with all of the, as yet many unknown, consequences, ones allegiances to ones country, ones race or nation should now diminish and give place to the love of all of the world including all Life living upon it.

It is in this way I believe, we can find the true answer to:

“International Peace and Fellowship”.

Our Neighbour is not only the person next door or across the street or over the line fence. Our neighbour is also the person or the group of persons who need our concern and support, in times of Joy as well as in times of Sorrow, Loneliness and Want.

Yours from the “Back Forty”

Timothy Haystubble (Grass Roots Philosopher)

“Are You A ‘Dove’, Or Are You A ‘Hawk'”?

January 1st, 2001

Here in the quiet seclusion at my “Back Forty”, I heard and saw with shock, amazement and horror, the bombing of the Financial Heart of the US as well as the offices of their Military Might, using innocent human bombs encased in three powerful commercial jet airliners. These suicidal hi-jacking terrorists seemed to be following a well-thought out, murderous plan to cripple the US and World Economy along with the “proud” Military Might of the US. In the process, these zealots not only eagerly gave of their own lives but also the innocent lives of five thousand or more who occupied the buildings they destroyed as well as the planes they used as bombs.

The US governing officials are currently debating retaliatory measures aimed at punishing, avenging and eliminating the supposed organization behind this conspiracy, which was perpetrated against the Economic, and Military might of the U.S.A. Are we again, to see “Justice done” (an eye for an eye) or will “Mercy” and reason be applied?

Justice is never attained with “an eye for an eye”. This method always demands more, “a tooth for a tooth”, ad-infinitum, etc. as well. The “Magic Broom stick” remains a “Magic Broomstick” even though broken into many pieces. I understand that there is a growing minority of citizens in the US as well as elsewhere in the world who are in favour the way of “Mercy”, i.e., ascertaining the real cause for the unrest in the developing as well as even the developed countries. Maybe there is a correctable cause for the unrest, just waiting to be exposed and acted on.

I believe that these three jet bombers pointed their infinitely, cruel, bloody fingers squarely at the cause for this terrorist’s unrest. I hope that I do not sound too simplistic, when I say that, for too long, our good neighbour to the south, in its powerful affluence, has been thumbing its nose at the destitute, struggling “have-not” countries.

I think about those millions of innocent children and adults suffering under the blanket of boycotts we have imposed on certain Muslim countries that at the present time represent the home to organized terrorist groups. I think of the great disparity growing between the billions of destitute people, dying of starvation and disease, while we here in the western hemisphere stuff ourselves with over rich food and gadgets to give our leisure times more leisure.

I think of those two towers of Trade and Commerce, (The World Trade Center) which stood there proudly soaring above any other in the world, saying to the struggling billions at home and across the Atlantic, “Look at us, we dare you to match up to this!”.

I think of the world-renowned Pentagon Building, which housed the offices of those who defied the rest of the world with their military might. “Our Star Wars scheme will challenge any of you to try to attack us!”

I think of our own Federal Government and its present day Prime Minister, of his arbitrary agreement to provide backing for the “Hawk” to the south, no matter what.

What I wish to know, is our Prime Minister promising more “Hawks” to add to Camp David’s nest of American Hawks? Does not our Federal Government have even one Dove to offer instead?

I have several more questions to ask, followed by a suggestion for our Federal Government as well as the Congress of the US. Is any official thought being given to getting down to the root causes of our world’s misery?

Maybe if several of you in your high places in your governments would each go to your own “Back Forty” and there have a good look at this problem from the “grass roots” level. You might get a different view. To me it seems obvious that, since most, if not all of our problems, in one way or another revolves around the distribution of the commodity “MONEY”. Maybe this “Money Price System” isn’t meant to allow purchasing power to be distributed more or less evenly to those “who have not” as well as to those who “have plenty”. If this is true, maybe we should try a different system for the distribution of Goods and Services to the masses of the world’s people.

My suggestion is this, since our “World Trade Center” has been so ruthlessly destroyed providing that senseless loss of life and suffering; since “Wall Street is in such disarray, this seems to be the time to think about the way we relate to one another. For this change, I suggest that consideration be given to the “Share and Care” method outlined in view (25).

I suggest that our “Federal Government” give consideration to adopting this new Economic Philosophy in principle and then take all the diplomatic steps as are necessary to persuade our neighbour U.S.A. to join with us in adopting this new distribution scheme. It seems to me, here at my “Back Forty”, that the rest of the world, of necessity, would eagerly and peacefully join in.

This is the DOVE with the Olive Branch, which we can offer to our friends in the Pentagon. This would form a sure, peaceful way to conquer all of the world’s Terrorists as well as much Civil Unrest, without the further shedding of blood or the unnecessary destruction of global property!

Having done this, we could return the Hawks to their hay-stubble environment and their banquet of rodents, simultaneously releasing the DOVES to do their benevolent work among the nations of the world”!

Such is my “View” from my “Back Forty”!

Timothy Haystubble (Grass Roots Philosopher)

A Soliloquy on a Tree

January 1st, 2001

By –Timothy Haystubble

(Grass Roots Philosopher)

A small seed fell by the wayside.

In it there appeared to be no sign of Life or Miracle.

It was smooth and round and brown.

The warm rains came. The sun shone forth.

Potential Life became manifest in its tiny shell.

In its own good time, the seed grew larger.

Momentarily two small leaves peeped forth; then root threads.

The leaves groped for the pure, warm air,

While the rootlets wormed into the cool, sweet earth.

The air was kind and the earth was friendly.

In the fullness of time, the leaves gave place to stock and branches.

These branches bore a host of other leaves.

The root-threads drew upon the soil for food and drink.

Accordingly as was designed in there genes,

These root-threads grew and multiplied,

Sending forth many rootlets,

So that they might assist in the growth of a noble creation.

The stock waxed strong and became a trunk.

The branches grew into limbs,

Bearing other lesser branches and twigs.

Some of the twigs, in their turn,

Bore leaves, while others

Gave forth scented blossoms,

And in season bore fruit.

So it was this tiny seed, having fulfilled its purpose,

Empowered by that Great Spirit,

Became a tree, in every detail as was planned.

It was seen that each of her individual parts

Had developed in gradual stages,

From a lesser unit, as the need arose

To serve a larger purpose;

And that these smaller units were all co-related

So that they might be of service, one to the other.

Each was of little service unto itself alone.

This relationship pervades through the completed whole,

So that this whole might function as an element

In the whole co-related scheme of Creation.

When all was completed,

It was seen that this Creation,

This tree, as in each of her parts,

Was responsive to and responsible

For her environment.

In her cool shade,

Weary travelers paused for rest

And were refreshed.

Small boys loved to climb into her great branches.

Cattle cropped the luscious, green grass

Growing about her protective trunk.

In her leafy branches song birds nested.

And black squirrels played and courted.

By day

The silvery, green leaves

Shimmered in the sunlight.

They became her as a delight

To all who looked upon her

In admiration and wonder.

When the rains came

They dealt with her kindly.

To caress and buffet alike, she responded and seemed even grander.

In truth she grew more awesome and beautiful.

At night, the stars winked down,

While moonbeam sprites danced among her tresses.

In the autumn,

Her leaves were painted and scattered about the ground, to be played with by child and wind.

Finally they were left to lie, as a blanket about her feet.

Then, As a last resort, the ever resourceful Nature

Converted them into food for her and her kind.

Thus with herself, her leaves and her fruit

She gave to others additional life and enjoyment,

Leaving herself seemingly spent, but yet a nobler creation.

Thus in all of Nature, we find a co-relation-

A linking up of one unit with another unit

In order to form a larger scheme.

As planned, all units became interdependent.

No one unit was to function without an effect

On the rest of Nature.

As in Nature, so in the affairs of mankind,

All things start from small beginnings.

A spark of an idea, for example, grows and develops,

Gathering unto itself many influences and suggestions

Which all link together in an ordered plan

In order to form a co-related whole.

The whole of life is an aggregate

Of co-related units.

Whatever we do, think or say,

Not only affects the growth of ourselves,

But also the growth of countless neighbours.

Our thoughts therefore,

Should in the ultimate be concerned about

The Good and Welfare of others.

All of our doing should be

Done in other’s interest as well as our own.

These and other lessons

We can find in Nature around us.

Do we care to look?

Ken Muma

Reconstruction for Peace

January 1st, 2001

Today I am reminded of a magazine article with the above title, which I had written and had appeared in the October 1951 issue of the “Canadian Friend”. That was a long time ago as years are numbered. Since then, volumes of history have been acted out and written down. The Second World War had then just ended (?) .The world was surveying the physical devastation as well as the millions of lives lost in that useless conflict. I am asking, “To what avail?” What did mankind learn from this massive devastation of lives and property?

It is true that the “Great Depression” was somewhat brought to a close by giving those unemployed a chance to do useful (?) work in revitalized industry. Thousands of young men and women were, either encouraged to enlist or to be drafted into various sections of this huge war machine and taught to kill other young men and women as well as mothers with babes in arms.

When this series of conflicts came to a dead end, those who were left, many with broken bodies, were allowed to return to their broken homes. Many were again and now are now unemployed. However Technology, spurred on by Big Business had made many spectacular advances in order to produce more efficient “killing machines”, to make sure that their side had won.

Then there came a major conflict in Korea. Once again Science and Technology, financially encourage by Big Business made great strides in the design and creation of more modern fighting machines, bombers, fighters as well as ground vehicles. A few years later, Vietnam provided an opportunity to test our battle skills along with our enhanced war machines. Desert Storm, of course should not have happened. This, our war crazed rulers found out too late. But they had to test out some new equipment!

During this time, and to this day, the civilian side of society is based on the theory of Might makes right. The mightier the righter. On the Business side, there are huge profits to be made by keeping this philosophy alive and strong in the lives and minds of their customers. The world has become divided into two main camps, “The Haves and the Have-nots. The Have-nots, totaling in the millions of Souls, are not only destitute to the point of starvation, but many as well have no shelter or proper clothing to wear. They cannot even afford vital health care, which is often too desperately necessary.

Living in, what we have been taught is a Civilization, it is necessary to have money, some coins of the realm, as well as a legal way of obtaining more. These are necessary in order to buy minimum Education, Food, Clothing, Shelter and Medical Supplies (the necessities of life). Without some basic education, these people are often referred to as “Ignorant Savages”, at the very bottom of the human scale.

With all of these modern tools, designed for the production of goods (food and things) and services, which we have developed over the last half-century, should have made living much easier for everyone. However, Businesses, large and small, control the production and the distribution of all the output of these industries and services. It does not seem to matter that the equipment, including the buildings to house the equipment, were all made by people, potential customers of Industry. Business however demands a profit. This restricts who gets what, at what price.

After a half century and more, our science and technology are very capable of producing more than a sufficiency of reliable goods and services, not only for the people of this western hemisphere, but also, with a people-controlled distribution system, for the total population of our Planet.

As long as we tolerate this antique system of distribution; one which dictates who gets what by the amount of cash in the wallet along with the idea that nothing in this life is for free (goods or services); and as long as Businesses can realize some sort of profit and prestige by building war machines, that regenerate new wars; then we will continue to have wars and rumors of wars along with the associated human suffering, loss of life and the waste of unlimited, irreplaceable world resources.

Therefore, my friends and neighbours, let us put “first things first”. Let us substitute this very old antiquated Money-Price-Based system for a modern, much superior “Share Card” system for the control of both production and distribution of everything necessary, for all races, all cultures, all ages and all sexes. When we have succeed with this distribution project, which I believe we can, because on the one hand our scientists have succeeded in controlling and destroying matter (the atom bomb); on the other hand, Living Beings of all kinds have been forced to give up some of their secrets of life (genetic engineering); if men and women in their quest for knowledge can accomplish these seemingly impossible problems, however fraught with difficult consequence, then the rest should fall into place like a jigsaw puzzle. Wars and internal strife, having no place in the cultures of the world, would naturally vaporize and disappear.

First of all, let us all get busy and reconstruct our societies in such a way that PEACE can rein forever and forever!

Yours for PEACE on EARTH in a made-over society!

Timothy Haystubble (Grass Roots Philosopher)

A Life of Simplicity

January 1st, 2001

Oh for that “Simple Life”! ! !

Many of you out there on the Internet, I am told, long for a “Life of Simplicity”; an opportunity to get away from City and Suburban Living; to live more leisurely in the World of Nature. You are tired and fed up with all the hurry and scurry of City and even of Suburban life, which you seem to have to endure every day, just to make a living.

As I am sure, the most of you know, this business of living consists of these several basic needs, which inexorably control your lives. The majority of you pay monthly rent, weekly board and lodging or monthly mortgage payments on that house (you were lucky enough to buy and later perhaps to regret because you found that it is costing you too much). Besides the cost of a shelter, you need to eat; you need to have clothes to wear; you need a bit of entertainment. These assumptions are that you are a single adult, male or female. If you are a family member then the equation assumes a much different nature.

In order to survive and to pay for this privilege of living, it is required that you have a source of income sufficient to at least cover this basic cost. It follows then that the more surplus you succeed in obtaining, the more security you will have.

The job that you have finally established for yourself, however temporary, produces varying degrees of stress. One of our basic desires is for a sense of security.

Stress affects both our physical and emotional health, thereby increasing our cost of living

So how do we obtain the assurance of “A Life of Simplicity”?

How can we be assured of a lifetime of congenial employment?

How can we be assured of a lifetime of Health Care when needed?

How can we be assured of clean air, free from the pollutants of city life?

How can we be assured of a clean and healthy environment?

How can we be assured of peaceful, neighborly neighborhoods?

How can we be assured of a natural, self-sustaining environment to live in?

How can we be assured that our Natural Resources will always be available to cooperatively serve the necessities of the Human Race compatible with Nature?

How can we satisfy our longing for that “Simpler Life” and still be assured of all of Life’s necessities?

The answer will probably be found in reviewing the Hayseed Philosopher’s (View Twenty-five), ‘Vi-Tocracy’, the other way”. Here the reader will discover by going back and rereading this section, that the answer to the universal question of Utopia cannot be found through the means of a Visa or any sort of bank debit card but rather through a certified requisition, called a “Global Share Card”.

Yes, this “Life of Simplicity”, via this “Share Card” method, “Vi-Tocracy”, Nature’s Way, can be yours for the asking, when you can cooperatively unite and democratically ask for it!

Yours for “The Simple Life”,:

Timothy Haystubble (Grass Roots Philosopher)

Global Warming

January 1st, 2001

I expect by now, by and large, mankind is becoming convinced and accepting the fact that “Global Warming” is fast becoming a fact of life. Those two, somewhat exaggerated episodes quoted above, could become the norm for some of us to get used to. As they used to say, “Taint funny McGee”.

The “Farmer’s Almanac” methods of weather forecasting have been long ago been relegated to the antique bookshelves. Even some of our scientific methods no longer seem to apply.

Global scientists are forever delving into the mysteries of our universe here and above. In this topsy-turvy world we call our home, some areas that for eons had been known as being hot and dry are noticeably changing to damper and cooler areas. At the same time the cooler areas are warming up (Global Warming). With this change in temperature comes a change in moisture conditions with the accompanying changes in Nature and Wild life (abnormal mosquitoes, for example). Who knows? Even our natural scientists cannot predict the actual results of Global Warming. What can be predicted is that drastic changes will take place to which we must adapt. The birds of the air and the fish in the sea, along with the creatures of our mountains, our plains, our marshes and woodlands, all sense the coming changes and are beginning to adapt to them. Is it possible that these “dumb, wild” creatures seem to know that which we either do not know or care to admit of knowing?

Our Global Scientists, who have been studying this natural phenomenon, have observed that some of this shift of climate is due to natural causes while a large share of responsibility must go to the impact of human activity – Industrial and Transportation. Man’s share of this responsibility can quite easily be taken care of by reducing the man- caused “greenhouse gases”, which are known to destroy the protective Ozone Layer. This thin layer of gas, which surrounds our planet, is there in Nature’s scheme of things, to protect and modify all life forms on earth.

Industry’s share of “greenhouse gases” is largely produced from the smokestacks of the Business-Industrial world, discharging their industrial gaseous waste (industry’s by-products). Since most Business- run Industries, in this “money-price -system” world uses this well-known commodity called money and since workers and management personnel require pay (wages or salary) and since machinery and other equipment needs to be bought and paid for with cash or credit, it is very difficult if not impossible to get definite, urgent action from corporate management to reduce these noxious discharges of pollutants from these various plants. This same reasoning applies to Industrial and Personal Transportation Devices on land, on sea and in the air.

Although most scientists and environmentalists agree and are duly alarmed about our environmental conditions, our political governments invariably seem to act in favor of corporate interests. This means, if the price is right, they will do what they think they can, in their own good time (It will take some several years).

Of course these conservation measures do take time and money! The corporations are all required and expected to make a profit, even at the expense, and the survival of the general population.

If, however, by changing our present method of transfer of goods and services from the present “cash-flow” method to a method using the electronic “Share Card”, device which originated from the fertile soil of my “Back Forty”, then this problem of “Global Warming” could be quickly and expeditiously taken care of for the benefit of everyone.

Not only do these “greenhouse” gases immediately affect our climate and in so doing, indirectly our physical health; pollutants of several kinds have an immediate effect on the health of every individual who comes into direct contact with them.

The improper uses and disposal of Industrial Waste, in the form of noxious gases, not only have an impact on the air we breathe, but in the form of solids, on the food we eat and the water we drink.

However these are two other stories!

Now I must get me a bite of nutritious, unpolluted food along with a sip of pollution free water, if I can find that much.

Timothy Haystubble (Grass Roots Philosopher)


January 1st, 2001

Now afore I forget, I must tell you about the time when we all went camping – tenting that is! There were just the three of us, Mirandy, Hiram and me. ‘It was a nice July day- lazy an’ hot like. But I guess summers are sort of meant t’ be hot.

We thought that it would be quite nice an’ fitting to spend a night or two tenting out, so to speak. So we set out early like in the morning, all three of us, like I said in that old jalopy – the best, an’ only one that we cud afford. We had jest bought a new, used tent. We had jest laid out quite a deal o’ money for it too. We were quite proud of it.

We were headed for the North Country, where we hoped it would be a mite cooler. Late like in the afternoon, we spotted what looked like a like enough place, beside a marshy little lake. We thot, here there’s lots of water for bathing in as well as to use for cooking. Mirandy thot that this place should do the trick. So we soon got this here tent pitched and staked down all around. Hiram scouted around and found some firewood. He is always good at making fires, so he soon had a nice little camp fire going. Mirandy soon had a pot of tea and every thing was fine.

It all seemed nice an’ cool here by this little lake. The afternoon changed to even’ and soon night was settling in with a hush. The birds and other evening critters ceased their chatter an’ were settlin’ down for the night. We were soon happy to do the same.

We had no idea what this night under canvas had in store for us. As the evenin’ gathered close about us, the air grew damp with the many smells of nature. We closed and securely tied the tent flaps and turned in for a good night’s rest.

We had just nicely settled down when we heard this buzzing sound, like we had never heard before. Mirandy suggested that it mite jest be the wind or something, not to worry. We were all tired and soon fell asleep. Around midnight we were awakened to feel a cool breeze in our faces. This felt real good, so we went back to sleep. In the morning’ we woke with the sun a shining full in our faces. When I was finally fully awake, we realized to our amazement and horror that our tent was gone, all gone. It had disappeared in the night, including the tent pegs. “Well”, I thot, “this is a goll-darn funny thing”. Then jest a short distance away, Hiram spotted what looked like a tent lyin’ on the ground with itself all covered with some black stuff. Sure enough, there was our perfectly good, second-hand tent all covered with huge, perfectly dead mosquitoes. Well it didn’t take Mirandy long to figure out what had happened. When them danged insects couldn’t get at us coming in thru the tent door like they aughter, on account of it being’ closed, they tried the indirect approach by trying to bore thru the tent walls and roof. Here is wear they got stuck.

In their excitement they all flew away taking our tent with them. Well sir, all this excitement and disappointment were too much for them poor critters. They all up an’ died right then an’ there, stuck to our perfectly good second-hand tent.

Well, I guess there is a miracle here somewhere, for which we are thankful. We also gave thanks to our new, second-hand tent for savin’ our lives. Old Mother Nature really does have her own ways o’ dealin’ with our livelihood!

Yours for the best in Nature:

Timothy Haystubble (Grass Roots Philosopher)

Snow – Bound

January 1st, 2001

Well sir, while you are trying to figure out all of those foregoing “Views” of mine from the “Back Forty”, let me tell you about this country of yours and mine.

This here winter weather reminds me somewhat of that there winter, some years back. That was the time when we were really snow-bound, for days! That was when me and me little wife Mirandy, together with our son Hiram lived in this little log cabin here on the “Back Forty”. I recall that it was sech a nice, bright, lovely day! Our supply of firewood was getting’ kind of low. We, Mirandy and I, thought that this would be a first rate day to lay in a supply.

So, Hiram and I hitched up our team to that trusty bobsleigh; and with a well-sharpened crosscut saw, axe and shovel set off for the wood lot. We were both in a good cheerful mood. The team was in fine fettle and the bobsled runners were in good running’ shape. However, there was something in the air that just didn’t seem just right.

Well sir, we had just started sawing’ and chopping when it sudden-like clouded over and it started to snowing’. At first there were just a few large flakes. Then as the sky darkened, the snow started in; falling’ faster and heavier. It snowed real hard, that it did!

When we thought we had gotten quite a load, we decided to pack up and head for home. It was getting real dark by now and snowing faster and faster, great big flakes. It was so dark and stormy by now that we could barely see where we were going’. This is when even the team got lost. Horses usually know where the barn is, no matter what. There was no sign of life any where. It was just pitch black and white snow.

After drivin’ blind, as it were, for quite some time, we realized that the snowing had stopped and the sun had come out. But we couldn’t see any sign of our little cabin! After our eyes had gotten used to the bright glare of the sun on the snow, Hiram, whose eyes were keener than mine, even if his mind wasn’t, spied a chimney just sticking above the snow. He saw a curl of smoke curling’ up. We both smelled the aroma of coffee and sizzlin’ bacon. Right then, we knew that this must be our cabin down there, buried in all that snow, with Mirandy, Hiram’s mommy working away getting our breakfast. Bless her loving heart!

I do not need to tell you that it took a deal of shoveling to get to that cabin door and some nice warm breakfast.

Somehow, Mirandy was not worried a bit. Even so, she was mighty glad to see us with that load of stove wood, which she had badly needed to finish getting’ breakfast.

Well, it was mid July ‘fore that snow was all gone so that I cud get at the spring plowing! That was sure some snowstorm!

Timothy Haystubble (Grass Roots Philosopher)