World Trade?

January 1st, 2001

My view from here shows me that this phrase, “world trade” would become “world sharing” when we have established a united and sharing world economic order. It shows me that the all new “Global Share Card” would completely replace the now insecure and trouble-making world economic system, (the money-price-system) including their various kinds of dollars & cents. By throwing out this old system ,we can start anew, in these young years of the 21st century, with all of our industries producing and distributing from the source of raw materials directly to the consumer without the systematic, restrictive controls now imposed by the rule of business sanctioned by ‘Party Politics’. Everything humanity has long wanted and vainly striven for would gradually fall into place.

That which we now refer to as “human nature” would, in this new environment be replaced by a renewed behavior pattern, which would become our real “human nature”. Today the real “human nature” is very much obscured by “human behavior” induced by the violence and negativity in our neighborhoods and around the world, which all results from the controls forced on society by our political, economic system.

In this millennium I see this new social concept materializing as a major factor in the evolution of the industrial, scientific age. However for this evolutionary cycle to continue, these socially enlightened people of action from around the world, must be made aware of the reality of this global situation as well as a clear view of the alternative. This is the way which I have outlined in these numerous ‘news and views’ posted from “Greenwood Cottage” and mapped out in my book, “The Other Way”, by, –

Timothy Haystubble. Grass Roots Philosopher

Wanted! More “Back Forty” Retreats

January 1st, 2001

Indeed, we here at “Greenwood Cottage” are in agreement that the workers as well as the rulers of our world are in need of a retreat to a “Back Forty”. By this we mean, we think it is critical for the Minority of Humanity, i.e. these rulers, who are constantly worried about that bottom line, their preferred seat on the stock -exchange and their golf cart to listen to the voices of Nature as well as the voices of the people – those who govern by the heavy hand of taxes and false promises. This minority needs to experience the common denominator of those lives they are attempting to control in the name of Profit and Ego (their god).

It is important for the workers of the world along with the machines and devices they operate, should recognize that they are the “majority” and should be treated as such. Do they, the workers of the world, realize that, without them and their machines, the “Corporations”, the would-be “rulers”, would soon find themselves without a “corporation” from which to establish their rule?

On your “Back Forty”, I suggest that you let yourselves become intimate with the Natural World. When you do, I am sure that you will learn a whole lot from this experience.

(1) The first thing you can learn is that these natural things around you were all created by the same “Life Force”, and from the same “Life Stuff”, as each of us were. This being so, then it stands to reason that we must all be related and therefore also interrelated.

(2) When you can now conceive of this relationship, then you should feel obliged to treat each of these “Life Units” with respect and dignity. With a little more contemplation, can you not we arrive at the conclusion that these “Corporate” board members, including the ‘stock-holders, are also members of this one “Life Force” and they alone are not to blame for today’s mess that this Planet of ours finds itself.

According to that modern saying, “We are all in this together” and we each play a part according to our uniqueness and ability. Because my part happens to be different from your part does not mean that it is any better or any worse. My part seems to be best for me.

What a diversified world we live in! Oh my, how we have messed things up by trying to play some other person’s part for which we are not qualified!

Now let us consider that ancient, revered and much respected system, which we now accept and quarrel over, for the distribution of goods and services. Of course I refer to “The Money Price System”. Although this idea has served many folks, especially the rulers, and would-be rulers very well, let us consider the great amount of crime in the world-society today resulting from the use and the abuse of the “money system”. In our human society, money in any of its many forms has become to be considered the prime necessity for life.. Billions of people are suffering because of the lack of it. Many more made ill trying to get it. Things, even the stuff for which we have no real use, have become status symbols, for which many of us strive as the ultimate aim in life. Ever since the dawn of civilization and the birth of “Money”, wars have been waged among nations and within nations for the purpose of obtaining more riches, more money and therefore more prestige. This commodity (money) is very addictive. Behold Las Vegas! Behold Bay-Street! Behold Wall Street! Behold the money markets the world over!

Consider the many Corporations, which have been and still are being constructed for the purpose of obtaining more than their just share of the world’s wealth. The munitions manufacturers exist for the express purpose of supplying devices, primarily to be used to destroy the other nation’s wealth as well as to kill their people, who stand in their way. This is usually done in retaliation for their ‘having gotten to the bank first’. Is it not true that, since “munitions corporations” are in business to design and build instruments of destruction, they are not an asset of any sort to any civilization?

Is there not another way to fairly control the distribution of goods and services from the producer to the consumer?

Yes, that other way is what this website is all about! The answer will be found when you become curious enough to not only scan; but to read about it in my little book, “The Other Way…”

Are you afraid to even contemplate this other way? It is very simple in principle, perhaps too simple for political minds to comprehend. It principally requires the use of ‘computer-age’ technology, which is daily becoming more and more entrenched in our daily lives. Yes, it is as simple as asking or requisitioning for ones requirements, using a specialized sort of credit-debit, ID card registered in the bearer’s (customer’s) name. Rather than contacting the customer’s bank, this new card, the “Global Share Card”, would, via a computer net-work, contact the computer station associated with the “Industry” involved with the production of the good or service requested. In the case of a piece of merchandise, it would be ‘debited’ from their warehouse stock and credited to the customer (bearer of the card). Thus, the customer becomes a shareholder having a share in the operation of that “Industry”. This would tend to keep it in operation, producing, high quality, reliable products and services all in the public’s interest.

Using a similar procedure, the manufacturer would then requests parts and or raw materials from their respective sources to maintain suitable inventories to keep the plant in operation.

So the cycle continues, (consumer to producer, producer to raw materials to producer to consumer) a balanced cycle, controlled principally by use of the consumer’s “Global Share Card”.

Every “Industry”, whether producing goods or services, would, in accordance with its operating “Global Charter”, share responsibility for its judicious use of raw materials – with an eye to conservation as well as the prevention of any kind of resulting pollution to the environment.

Each human being, living on this planet Earth, with this new economic system would thus become a producer as well as a consumer having equal status, as such with every other human being, producing and consuming in a balanced, shared economy. Well, I suppose I have already told you all about this scheme many times before, but it is worth repeating just to make sure that the ideas are thoroughly understood. Let us not forget “We are all in this together”, supported by all of the elements of Nature, which are provided for our sustenance, either directly or indirectly through our many Industries, which we operate and control to suit our many, various needs.

Your friend and sharing neighbour.

Timothy Haystubble Grass Roots Philosopher

Grass Roots Definitions

January 1st, 2001


Generally speaking an “Industry” is defined as an organization of three (3) or more individuals co-operatively exercising their skills and craftsmanship under the supervision of one or more “Technicians” and /or “Engineers” as required, in order to produce and distribute articles or services crafted from Nature’s limited supply of (natural) raw materials to a “Consumer”, on the request of that customer- (made order) ‘Goods and Services’.

Industrial waste and resource conservation would be the responsibility of each industrial unit.

“Engineers / Technicians”

These may be individuals of either sex, who have been educated and trained to become qualified to plan and supervise the operations required for the production of the articles or services produced by “Industry”.

“Machine Maintenance”

These are persons of either sex, who possess the knowledge and skills to service and to otherwise keep the various machines on the production lines in proper working order.

“Plant Maintenance”

The persons in this category would be responsible for the general maintenance of the building or buildings, containing the “Industry” as well as for the repair and installation of any new equipment, when required. The general heating/cooling and lighting of the plant would also be their responsibilities.

“Receiving and Shipping”

These functions would share the joint responsibility for the total functioning of the plant. “Receiving” would be responsible for all of the orders sent in from the various “outlet centers”. The “Shipping” would be accountable for distribution of the filled orders to be sent to the “outlet”, or in certain exceptional cases, direct to the customer.


The “customer” is any one on the planet, who is registered and is in possession of His/Her own “Global Share Card”, and so uses it in the proper manner, as a request for any of the required, available articles or services.


Advertising, Sales, Finance

“Party Politics”

These institutions, at present, control our “Industries” as well as the lives of all Life (flora as well as fauna) known as Nature. When “Industry” controlled by the “Global Share Card System”, should come into effect, these three corporate giants, business, finance and party politics, must step aside and be absorbed into an authentic “democracy”, howbeit by another name, using their expertise where and when required.


This division of the economy would be made up of qualified individuals of either sex dedicated to the wellbeing, conservation and development the planet, in parts as well as a totality.


(A New Politics for a New Social Era)

This revamped political system would be composed of Scientists, Technicians and Engineers, each supported by competent secretarial staffs. These individuals would be select elected on the basis of education and merit, with no thought given to colour of skin, religious belief or national origin. A World or Global Government would basically consist of representatives from the various sections of this “New World Economic Order” having a chair-person, in some respects comparable to a Prime Minister or President, chosen every four years from within this governing council. I suggest that over this “Global Government”, and subservient to it would be an over-riding “Global Charter”, or a constitution, similar in nature to the now universally acclaimed and widely endorsed “Earth Charter”. This “Global Charter”, as well as setting forth a similar set of comprehensive ethical rules, spelled out in lay language, would define the political organization and the operating rules for the new “Vi-Tocracy”.

This day will come, when uninhibited “Industry” controlled by each person’s Global Share Card, which freely expresses that person’s individual will, and thereby act as the governing power for a peace-loving, co-operative, sharing world.

How and when can this happen?

When will all of those good-will, peace-loving, socially agressive organizations, including the endorsers of “the Earth Charter Initiative”, forget their religious, racial and cultural differences and walk together as one corporate body of concerned human beings to an “International Referendum”, held in strategic locations among the nations of the world to advocate this comprehensive, radical change in the organization of human society?

Only when this happens, then will Humanity be able to realize its fondest dreams. Beleaguered Nature would then be able to heal herself and again maintain the balance of life in the universe.

This is our uninhibited view from “Greenwood Cottage”, here on “the Back Forty”.

Timothy Haystubble Grass Roots Philosopher

Have You Endorsed The “Earth Charter”?

January 1st, 2001

We here on the “Back Forty”, wish to go on record and give our endorsed approval of this new “Earth Charter”, as far as it goes. This represents a good start in the right direction to an improvement in our Society. This version enumerates the ethics as well as the operating principles for a renewed society with two exceptions, namely: I have noted that the “Charter” expects that “Business” is expected to carry on as a free enterprise institution, as usual, competing among themselves for supremacy, using the sacrosanct “Money Price System” as the accepted means for distribution of all of these things which the human race deems of importance for the maintenance and preservation of the earth along with its inhabitance of many diverse species. It requires but a little thought to realize that in order for the ethics of business to change so as to accomplish the objectives of this “Earth Charter”, the idea of “Money” along with the idea of “Political Government” and Politicians must undergo a similar change.

For this reason, we here on the “Back Forty” suggest the use of “The Global Share Card” system, along with a system where “INDUSTRY”, controlled by the people, becomes the ‘Voice of the people’ and therefore the governing body of the people as well as the rest of Nature’s inhabitants.

“Global Warming”, emphasized by climate change is Nature’s way of trying to tell us that humanity must very quickly learn the way of co-operation; the way of “Caring and Sharing”, which is the way of “Brotherly Love”, the “Share Card Way”.

Timothy Haystubble – Grass Roots Philosopher

Another View From The Back Forty

January 1st, 2001

Well sir, I think that it’s about time that we human beings got things straightened out.

The past century has seen a heap of changes to our old planet, its inhabitants and their environment. Things that live seem to have a tendency to want to grow. This is one of the basic facts of life. When things grow, they also have an intrinsic desire to reproduce themselves. This is also basic to life. This is as true for us humans as it is for all other life forms. It is also a fact that our planet has a certain, limited, inhabitable land mass on which we human creatures can exist (live) comfortably with the many other life forms. Many sociologists are becoming concerned about over-population and believe that we should take definite steps to curb this growth. This may be all well and good. However when we are dealing with ‘life principles’, we must exercise intelligence and, yes caution, lest we set into motion other laws of Life over which we have no control. It seems that the human species was created male and female for the purpose of creating additional humans; thus forming a family of three or more.

Normally, we were each borne as an individual person, either as a male or as a female. As soon as we arrived, however we were surrounded by an environment to which we were obliged to conform. Thus we became an important part of society. As a member of this Human Race, circumstances compelled us to be both a contributor and a receiver of the influences of our environment. This simple natural truth of life obliges each of us to willingly partake of this partnership of humans and Nature, each giving to each, as required to maintain a natural balance.

This life principle, of sustainable balance, applies to the relationship among us humans as well, and is expressed by my often repeated phrase “Care and Share”.

For somewhat over a century Humans, in the most ‘developed’ sections of our planet, have been developing mechanisms and skills capable of producing all of the things necessary to feed, house, clothe every man, woman and child on our once superlative planet. Since then, Scientists aided by Technicians and skilled workers, have continued to develop and produce surpluses of all these things- tools and gadgets as well as clothing, nutritious food, housing and health services in an ever increasing abundance – even more than can be consumed. Why then is it, that during all of this time, many millions of our species suffered and died from the want of food, proper clothing, health care and loneliness? Why in our enlightened world, is this continuing to happen?

Ever since the dawn of human history, and human beings began the practice of trading with each other, from the ‘barter system’, over the ages to the use of coins, when the “Money Price System” was instituted. Things and services took on dimension of ‘value’. The idea of yours and mine; that which is mine is mine and not yours. If you want a share of it you must pay me whether it is something to eat, to wear, or something to do. This idea is still largely prevalent today and is no doubt the cause of much of our social problems, from stealing a loaf of bread, to stay off starvation, to wars between and in nations, people killing people as well as stealing and destroying their property and Nature to boot.

Since the beginning of the Industrial Age and “Industry” and “Business” were wedded to become “Commerce”, this idea became redundant. A new method to facilitate the distribution of goods and services of the products of “Industry” became imminent and necessary. The methods of science and technology working through Industry must produce a new “science of distribution”. Regardless of Business, every Industry has some sort of shipping facility through which the product orders are distributed to the customer, either directly or indirectly. It is apparent that every Industry must also have some sort of receiving department through which orders or requests for the product or products are received.

A technological solution for the balanced control of production and the distribution of Industry’s output could be accomplished by means of a special coded requisition. This would be made pocket size, much like our familiar Visa card, and would be registered to each individual, bearing the individual’s number and name and would become the individual’s exclusive purchasing power for any of the available goods or services required, as well as access to the holder’s education and health records. This requisition device would bear the name “Global Share Card” and as I said would be made in a standard size to fit conveniently into one’s wallet, replacing other cards and folding money. The cards would each be fitted with a magnetic strip and micro-chips, etc, which would electronically inform the supplier of the product or service to debit the supply and at the same time, credit the distribution to the card- holder. We thus see that production can be activated and the distribution accomplished quite accurately and efficiently, for any and all that our society provides, without the need for commerce or banking.

Engineering and Technology today produces both goods and services. Why should not a similar combination of engineering and technology complete the transaction by distributing these products to the consumer?

With today’s technology, given the political will, it would be quite possible and, yes practical, to have each man, women and child to be registered in their own country, and at the same time be given their own “Global Share Card”, which they should suitably sign and treasure. This would represent the purchasing or (share) power of each person.

On the basis of this “Global Share Card” would rest the structure of a new society. From a highly competitive “Free Enterprise” society, we could quite naturally evolve into a mutual, co-operative, “Care and Share” society. From a Business-Banking oriented and controlled corporate society, we could evolve into one in which we would freely recognize that: “We are all in this together”. As individuals, we are obliged to work and share with others. There is much to be done to repair the ecological damage already done to the Earth, as well as sociological damage to Humanity.

The triumphs of human endeavor and achievement that illustrate the unlimited power of human beings for group survival have been recorded many times. Philosophers of old, testify to the combined strength of a large number of individuals working together for good as well as for evil. Each human being has access to unlimited latent powers which can be multiplied many times, by working in association with others of like persuasion. “Where two or three are gathered together for the purpose of human growth and betterment, all of the powerful forces of the universe become available for our use.”

Timothy Haystubble Grass Roots Philosopher

Corporate Power

January 1st, 2001

Civilization’s Public Enemy number One

Hello folks :

Before I present my philosophical comments, I wish to compliment the television station, “TVO” on the airing of the series “The Corporation, the Pathology of Commerce”, as well as the recent presentation “Human Edge –Surplus”.

The authoritative, ideas and data presented are what the whole of the civilized world has long needed to hear. Basically, compliments are due to the authors of the original documents, as well as those individuals involved in the programs’ development and presentations.

The thoughts and the views expressed in the above mentioned document could very well form an introduction to my recent book, which I have titled “The Other Way–“. My thoughts expressed in this book, as well as, “Views from the Back Forty” by the ‘Grass Roots Philosopher’, will together, attempt to answer the questions provoked by this outstanding TVO. Documentary.

I heartily agree that mankind does indeed have many problems which must be solved, before they have gone so far that we upset the balance in the evolution of Life on Earth. I also believe that it is impossible to ever solve these problems using the concept of a ‘free enterprise economy’, pared with the concept of money, currency, cash, or credit as a medium of exchange for the distribution of goods or services.

As a result of some four score and ten years of living in this economy; the perusing of the daily press as well as several socially alert magazines which come to my desk each month; and by associating with the many aspects of nature – Life – I have come to the conclusion that millennia ago the human family inadvertently took the wrong road on which to run the human race.

Did I say many problems? Actually I see basically only one problem. This is the problem of distribution from the producers of the world’s products and services to the consumers, in any and all of the markets of the world. Along with the distribution of products and services we also have the various political factors controlling the distribution (local, national, international). This political factor might be said to be twinned to the distribution system and as such, would need to be revised in order to conform.

Corporations and the power they wield, amply fueled (financed) by our outdated method of product distribution, (The money-price system) have been declared civilization’s enemies number one and two. Since, each of these are concepts created by and composed exclusively of members of the human race, it follows that we ourselves are responsible for their behavior, and therefore these concepts can be altered or discarded as is seen necessary. However, Industries, Businesses and Corporations are each made up of individual persons of both genders. Their security and their livelihood as individuals depend on their loyalty to these governing bodies, which hold the key to the individual’s private locker. Their production is governed by that mystical mantra ‘Gross domestic product yielding the firmest and blackest of bottom lines’. Obviously this makes it very difficult, virtually impossible, for anyone to refrain from attempting to display any originality in thought and action that would seem to deviate from ‘company policy’-(Corporation’s dictates.)

Never the less, it is necessary for some one who is willing, to risk the security of his or her own livelihood for the sake of the larger group of society of which he or she is a part. This is how reforms are brought into being. This is how ‘Global Change’ for the better, must happen. This is “The Other Way”– Humanity and Nature traveling together, “Caring and Sharing Co-operatively with each other!”

Timothy Haystubble (Grass Roots Philosopher)

More “Views” from the “Back Forty”

Global Share Card

January 1st, 2001

This would be an Id-card made of some light-weight, durable, material and somewhat similar to our commonly used Visa or Bank Card and of convenient size to be carried on ones person at all times. This device would serve as ones identification card (ID) as well as the consumer’s, one and only purchasing, transaction medium, replacing any and all kinds of “Money”.

This device would be designed to efficiently, electronically control the production and the distribution of any thing, large or small, as well as any service which may be required by the individual in possession of this card. In other words, this “Share Card” device would replace all ‘currency’, money or credit of all kinds, as well as the need for the ‘Business concept’, along with its co-partner ‘Party Politics’, which now control most of our individual and social activities. Each person of any nationality, race, colour, religious belief, or gender would then have an equal opportunity to partake of the forces and the products, of Nature, which are available for use on the planet Earth. This “Share Card” would also identify the holder as a member of the “Human Race”.

For the purpose of discussion a few definitions are in order:

“Industry” is assumed to be the producer of those things, articles and services which are produced or fabricated from the natural resources and energy of the planet, for the direct or indirect uses of humanity.

“Business” is the organized activity designed to control the production and the distribution of those things and services produced by “Industry”.

“Money”, in any of its current forms, is – well I expect everyone knows what money is all about. For the purpose of this discussion money could be said to have a dual personality and at the same time very addictive. On the one hand it has been used for great good to many and on the other hand it has also been a curse, producing crime and destruction to all of our civilization. In either guise money represents a request for something. If one can produce the necessary number of pieces, then a legal exchange can be made. However in all too many cases, in our world today, the exchange between the seller and the buyer cannot legally be made. This leaves the unfortunate person or group of persons homeless, hungry, cold and in ill health, all because of the lack of sufficient ‘Money’ to exchange for these bare necessities of life.

This is how my proposed “Global Share Card” could operate:

Let us assume that “INDUSTRY” has produced a finished article or articles which are bar-coded ready for distribution. These items are suitably displayed along with a clear and understandable description of their uses, etc, for potential customers in an outlet store or distribution depot. The purchaser, having satisfied himself or herself that this item will meet his or her need hands the “Share-Card” to the clerk at the check-out desk who passes it through a scanning process and hands it back to the waiting purchaser. The purchaser then passes the card through another gizmo in a similar manner as is done in today’s shopping malls. This completes the transaction and everyone is happy. The purchaser walks away with an article, which he is assured of as being completely satisfactory. However if the thing is too large to carry away, delivery service can be arranged and negotiated in a similar manner.

Instantaneously the producing Industry receives an electronic notice, from its outlet depot, that replicate copies of this purchase are to be made to replace the one just dispensed. This information is sent throughout the producing factory and through all of its subsidiaries to the source or sources of the basic raw materials. In this way the consumer has given approval to the manufacturer to continue production.

This idea works on the assumption that a communications net-work among all of these industries already exists. In this way a balance could always be maintained between production and distribution. At the same time an accurate record could be kept of the uses of all of our basic, natural materials including the required converted energy. Having done this, the conservation of our Natural resources could be continually monitored with pollution of our environment more easily managed and kept under control.

Along with this registration of the “Share Card” would be the obligation of the holder to contribute his or her unique talents and skills to Industry, when and where required. Physical illness or handicap of the recipient could be administered to using the same “Share Card” at the local Health Science Center clinic. Here the patient would receive the best service that the world’s Health Science would have available. This it seems would be the proper way to insure a congenial work force of all trades in all phases of Industry.

It must now become apparent that the foregoing would be a most natural as well as a very logical way in which a truly “Just Society”, could be constructed to function for the benefit of all of Humanity, while at the same time encouraging a compatible and harmonious existence with our Natural environment.

Timothy Haystubble (Grass Roots Philosopher)

Money, Money, Money!

January 1st, 2001

I feel we need to talk about “Money” and its uncertain future in our modern world!

(This is a ‘view’ from “Greenwood Cottage” on the “Back Forty”.)

The concept of “MONEY” is the subject most talked about from coast to coast; from north to south and all around the world. The manifestation of this concept is a “THING” that millions have died for and millions have died to obtain. “IT” is that something that causes starvation among millions. Without this commodity, millions are starving to death from lack of food; there is also endless suffering due to the lack of proper clothing, and housing to protect them from the harsh treatment of their environment. Numerous bloody wars are continually being fought, around the world, between nations or groups of nations, in order to obtain the physical advantage, or the physical wealth of the opposing group or groups. Money, in large sums is required to wage these wars, in order to obtain the wealth (money) of the ‘other side’. Is not this so?

When “Money” is in control, it does not matter what is produced, whether food, clothing, or ‘anything’, etc, these articles of whatever nature cannot be distributed unless some form of money is given in exchange.

Neither Private nor public Health is impossible to obtain unless a guarantee of certain sums is first given or promised. The same can be said about Education in any form. Our government finance departments are forever delaying to make much needed changes to both Health Care and to Education, because of lack of funding.

The operations of our several ‘public works’ programs, Light, Heat and Power, Transportation, Postal Services, Water and Sewage, cannot function, in spite of the existing installed equipment, without vast sums of money to meet the demands of labour, etc.

In the general world-view, money, in one or more of its accepted forms could be considered to be the key-stone of Civilization.

(Without a key-stone buildings would collapse.) The quality of a person’s physical life is more or less dependant on the use of this commodity. I say ‘more or less’ because it is a social necessity for an individual to possess as much of the ‘worldly goods’ as one can obtain, legally or not. The more one has and can get, the ‘better citizen’ he is reputed to be. The more prosperous, one becomes, the more one can (and should) spend in order to keep the “Economy growing and expanding”. Our economists claim that growth and expansion are sure signs of ‘Life’.

For a ‘money economy’ to be successful it is important to keep this commodity ‘on the books’, always in ‘short supply’. It is not in the best economic interest that everyone should at least have some. There should never be enough to go around. This verifies that ancient statement that, in effect, assures the world there will always be those who are poor and destitute among us. ‘The poor you will have with you always” The old theory is that things never should quite balance out. It makes no economic difference that there will always be many among us who cannot even afford to stay alive without this commodity. There will always be those with chronic sicknesses and ill health in the world. There will always be contentions among individuals and warring among and between nations, as long as this concept of Money along with its fellow institutions called Business and Banking is allowed to remain active in the Public Mind.

As the total World Population increases, so does the total supply of money increase; but not in the same ratio.

Until now, the year 2004, our Civilization of “Free Enterprise”, consisting of Businesses, large and small, along with their common ‘Care-giver’ the “Money Price System” using its mad assortment of stimulants and gadgets, including “Credit Cards”, “Miles Cards”, “Bank Cards”, “Debit Cards”, “Lottery Cards” and “Visas”, etc, have had their way with the running of the Human Race. They have enjoyed almost a free hand in reaping (raping) the natural wealth of our Planet, almost to extinction.

In a real sense Money is addictive. We all seem to be caught in this addiction trap. Many of us do not have enough to meet our bare physical needs, let alone our social needs. We attempt to strike a balance in order to satisfy our natural longing to ‘feel secure’, by using whatever means there is at hand. On the other hand there are those who have millions; those who have more than enough to meet their daily requirements; but continually strive to acquire even more at the expense of others in society. This assures that those ‘rich’ will keep on getting richer while the ‘poor’ become even more destitute, hungry and in ill health.

However for you who are really concerned, there is a message of hope: In this mad dash for supremacy in obtaining the gross domestic product, INDUSTRY guided by Business and Finance, produced that ultimate device used for the Production of things and services. I refer to that everyday marvel, the Electronic Computer, along with its many offspring of electronic devices. These devices have created a revolution in our production machines and methods; but have stopped short of devising a way to distribute these things from the production stage to you and me, the consumers. Here at “Greenwood Cottage”, we have observed all of this and have marveled at the apparent stupidity and inhumanity of our Business Leaders, our Corporations, our Politicians and our Bankers. We believe that the Scientists, the Engineers and the Technicians who have been instrumental in producing these devices for producing,, should be challenged with an invitation to solve their distribution problems as well. On the other hand, we believe that the pull of the profit motive may be too strong for their legal minds to handle.

We maintain however, that this problem could be as simple as employing the computer technology to produce a special type of ‘debit-credit’ card. This special card would bear those necessary, though specialized magnetic strips and chips. For convenience and in keeping with its purpose, I would propose to call this a “Share Card”. When placed in the hands of each and every person (the consumer), along with the appropriate technology installed at the production end (Industry), as well as the distribution centre, this little gadget would forever solve society’s distribution problem. This system, when democratically approved by all the people, could very effectively replace both our inadequate money price system as well as our troublesome political system. By golly I believe, that in one fell swoop; most all of our social problems could be solved, including those of hunger, poverty, crime, and war and peace. Yes, this means that we Common People, employing Industry, could mandate control of those many sections of the inhabitable land, along with its natural environment. This could then replace the autocratic, pseudo-democratic control by ‘Big Business'(Corporations),in the name of Capitalism called “Free Enterprise”, that now rules over our land and our people, in many parts of the world.

In order for money to be functional, a thing or service must be assigned a value, a price tag which is represented by a definite number of money tokens. In Canada and in the United States these tokens are known as dollars and cents. For the purpose of a transaction however, an imaginary token is increasingly being used, which we call “Credit”. This is a promise to pay at some later date. This is one of the ‘worms in the apple’ and assumes many forms. “Mortgages”, “Lines of Credit”, “Loans”, “Bonds”, etc. are some of the most familiar terms used to indicate this unfinished exchange transaction. Each of these terms works in favour of the “Creditor”, resulting in an added value to the thing or service; thereby rendering it more difficult for the consumer, who then becomes a “Debtor”. The end result is the creation of many forms of social unrest, poverty, ill health, crime, etc.








For better & for worse, Money does rule the world, and has for a long, long time!

“International Anthem”

January 1st, 2001

(A paraphrase on a poem by the late Wilson MacDonald)

“Join hands, ye nations…”

All people who on earth do dwell.

“this is the last call:”

Join hands, reach out across

those boundaries of

Distrust, Prejudice, Race and Creed,

Until those dividing lines

Grow dim and vanish

In the mists of time.

“Join hands, or the play ends,”

Join hands, lest the play –

The drama of humankind to humankind

As well as humankind to naturekind shall end

“And the curtains fall.”

“Gun and bomb and sword

Have had their day:”

Guns, bombs, intrigue, false hopes,

Free enterprise, and Party politics,

Pawns of Business and Banking

Have all had their say.

“Now for the living Word

And the King’s way.”

Now is the time for the better way

Where all could live together

In a cooperative, caring, sharing,

Brotherhood sort of way,

Where aggression and greed

Can find no place to stay.

“Let Peace be the bridegroom;

If he is denied

Death will take his place,

And Earth will be the bride

“It is yours to say.

This is the last call:

Join hands, or the play ends,

And the curtains fall”.

Yes, it is ours to say.

This will be our last chance.

Let us all join hands In a friendly fashion

Before the play ends

And the last curtain falls.

(With sincere apologies to

The late Canadian poet Wilson MacDonald.)

Timothy Haystubble (Grass Roots Philosopher)

World cultural life is in the process of evolving from the dictatorships of competition to the freedom of co-operation; from the monetary shackles of cash and credit to the freedom of the Share Card; from party politics and nationalism to ‘sharing and caring’- sharing of Life’s resources among all of Life’s Creations, each according to need; from sham democracy to Vi-Tocracy, which is a government of the people and for the people as well as for all of the elements

of Living Nature.

Learn how.

from “The Other Way” and

Read in the everyday language of the “Philosopher from

the ‘Back Forty'”.

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The Industrial Revolution

January 1st, 2001

The Industrial Revolution, as a popular song tells us, “Has gone about as far as it can go”. Beyond where we are now, there is a new realm, into which Humanity can boldly proceed only by using innovative intelligence and caution, leaving behind the past, which would then become history Our past is replete with all that we have learned and accomplished from this Paradigm Shift. A privileged portion of humanity has benefited by the technical expertise of our Scientists, our Technicians, and our Engineers, guided and chaperoned by Business + Banking.

We who claim to be in this privileged portion of our society are benefited by the many things that are produced and distributed by this revolution – things and services to fill the many assumed needs and wants in over-whelming abundance. We have learned, for ourselves as well as for our neighboring species, how to convert and utilize substantial portions of Nature’s vast reservoirs of energy. We have produced manufacturing plants (Industries), large and small, for the purpose of providing those many artifacts for living – housing for shelter, food for sustenance and well-being, clothing for protection from the elements, as well as transportation and communication to make each of these products most easily available. Each of these many Industries is supported and controlled so that its products can be distributed through the institutions we have hitherto, proudly called Business and Finance.

These two institutions operating together use what is widely referred to as the money-price system to control both the production and the distribution of these many products of Industry. The Many types of Communications and Transportations systems co-operate in varying degrees with the “Business-Banking” consortium, to make these many industrial products available to the consuming public (if and when the consuming public is able pay the price). Of course there are several billion individuals who do not have any access to the use of this money price system. These are the poverty-stricken individuals who seem to be destined forever to co-exist without the shelter of proper Housing; without proper Wearing Apparel; without sustaining Food and Health Care Services. These conditions exist in spite of the boasted accomplishments of this Industrial Revolution, which now makes it possible for mankind to produce an abundance of all things necessary so that each human being should be able to live and enjoy life in good health and fellowship.

Beyond into the vast unknown tomorrow of this twenty-first century, I see no need to have either of these two institutions, which we call “Business” and “Banking”, as well as “Party Politics”, to accompany us any further in our quest for the “Compatible society”. It can be readily demonstrated that our Engineering, our Science, and our Technology, along with our Communications (advertising) and Transportation systems, plus the voluntary request from individuals, operating and controlling the multitude of the planet’s Industrial Plants, can produce on demand a surplus of things and services for all human beings as well as all other life forms on our planet to enjoy.

This being the case, let us leave Business-Banking, as well as Party Politics along with their related institutions, in the care of the historic past and proceed unencumbered and free as we build the “Compatible Society”, the society of the future.

For some time, it has been quite evident, that our Free-Enterprise, Capitalist System, controlled by “Business-Banking”, has created too many unsolvable situations for mankind to further peacefully tolerate.

Now is the time! Our Communication Systems as well as Industrial Technologies are anxious and willing to be set free. The world’s industrial establishments, using only Nature’s restrictions of checks and balances, can I am sure, very well distribute on demand whatever, whenever and wherever needed. In this new concept of society, these twin institutions, Business-Banking could take on the job of keeping an accounting of the earth’s potential stock of all Raw Materials including our Energy Resources. On the other side, for this equation to balance, it would be necessary to record, by modern electronic methods, the converted products (goods and services) derived from this natural wealth of the earth and dispensed as requested to the citizens of the planet.

As I indicate in my book, “The Other Way”, all sorts of things and services, everything now transacted by our money system, could be produced and distributed by means of an electronic requisition, assuming the form of a “Share Card”. This special card would, first of all, serve as each person’s ID. As such it would be his or her universal Credit Card, giving each person direct access to the fulfilling of any and all of the person’s physical and spiritual needs, without the use of money tokens or credit cards of the usual kind.

Timothy Haystubble (Grass Roots Philosopher)